Top 8 DIY Countertop Organization Ideas

The kitchen is usually the most cluttered room in any home, but it doesn’t have to be that way! You don’t need to spend money on expensive, store-bought organizers to improve your countertop organization. With these DIY countertop organization ideas, you can get the same results for far less cost. We’ve collected seven of our favorite DIY countertop organization ideas and divided them by type of organizer so you can quickly find what you need! Read this list of the top 8 DIY countertop organization ideas to see which one might work best for you.


Use Baskets

No, you’re not limited to using baskets in your laundry room, bathroom or kitchen. Organize all kinds of things by using baskets. If you have a filing cabinet full of papers that need to be filed away in an office, put files in clear file folders and place them inside a basket on top of your filing cabinet. Smaller items that do not fit inside a file folder can go into a small basket and be placed on top of your filing cabinet as well. Baskets are great for organizing files since they’re stackable and easy to rearrange when needed. And if one falls over, it won’t destroy anything like a pile of paper might. 


Use Drawers

Most kitchens come with at least one drawer. Take advantage of it! Place your various pourers and pots in here, as well as any dish accessories. This will help keep your countertop tidy and prevent spills. You could even combine drawers by using one for silverware, another for utensils, and so on. But make sure to label each drawer to avoid confusion! If you’re looking for a place to start with cleaning out your kitchen drawers, look no further than your silverware caddy. Before putting it back into service at home, take stock of how much space each piece of silverware takes up in order to identify items that can be eliminated or consolidated with others.


Use Glass Canisters

If you’re tired of using plastic containers and want to upgrade your storage method to something a little more stylish, glass canisters are an excellent way to organize. Glass jars allow you to clearly see what’s inside of them and prevent food from smelling or tasting like plastic when it’s exposed for a long period of time. In addition, because these jars are transparent, your countertops won’t look cluttered because you can use as many or as few glass canisters as necessary. Keep in mind that once you have all your ingredients in glass containers, it might be easier to know if there’s something missing from your kitchen. However, having a pantry that looks sleek doesn’t hurt!


Consider Under Mount Storage

A quick and easy way to get a lot of storage in a small space is to install under-mount cabinets. Place them just below your countertops, which will give you lots of cabinet real estate without taking up too much room. This concept is especially useful if you have a tiny bathroom or kitchen that’s short on storage space. If you don’t want to buy full cabinets, an alternative would be to use stackable containers and plastic bins for smaller items that can be easily stacked in one place. 


Use Command Hooks

Hooks are one of my favorite tools for keeping countertops clear. They’re inexpensive, can be arranged in a million different ways, and are even replaceable. Command hooks are my favorite: this countertop organization is super-strong, easy to apply, and comes off cleanly when you need to move them or switch things up. If you want your countertops clutter-free but aren’t keen on drilling holes into your cabinets, then consider investing in these hooks. They might just be your best bet for creating an organized space without having to wreck any walls.


Add Spice Racks

Spice racks can be hung on cabinet doors or simply sit on countertops. This countertop organization point is to make it easier to access your spices and put them away when you’re done cooking. It’s also a good idea to label your spices for quick identification if you have family members who cook often.


Buy Storage Trays

Storage trays are a great addition to any countertop. On these countertop organizations: Add some for spices, teas, single servings of milk and juice, and even office supplies. Even with just a few in different sizes, you’ll be able to keep everything orderly. And if you make your own storage trays using plain white paper or cork. Even better yet plexiglass with notches to hold things in place—you can take them with you when it’s time to move or redecorate!


Install Metal Slides

Use cup slides to keep tall objects like measuring cups and spoons in place on your counter. While considering the countertop organization, metal slides offer more security than plastic ones and they won’t scratch your counters. This can be especially helpful if you are using them to organize cleaning supplies, where it may be more likely that you will drop or bump things. When deciding where to put them, think about how often you might use each item since those used most often should have a slide nearby. Consider a drawer organizer for less frequently used items. If you like DIY projects and want something that will last for years to come, try a craft project instead of buying store-bought parts.

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