Tips For Improving Your Open Kitchen Shelving

A new kitchen design trend has taken the Internet by storm open kitchen shelving. While this kind of design can be an incredibly aesthetically pleasing addition to your kitchen, it also comes with its own set of challenges. When your entire kitchen is essentially on display at all times, it’s easy to feel self-conscious about the clutter that inevitably builds up over time, or even worse, forgets to clean up in time for dinner guests! That’s why we have created this list of some tips for improving your open kitchen shelving.

Keep your shelves clean

Open Kitchen Shelving

A busy kitchen is prone to spills and splatters, which can make it difficult to keep your open kitchen shelving clean. To avoid spending half your day scrubbing burnt-on food from your shelves, give them a quick wipe down with warm soapy water every time you use them. It will help minimize messes over time. Additionally, be sure to regularly vacuum underneath those shelves! Dust build-up can cause heat buildup in kitchens that only makes cleaning more difficult.

Add colorful details to your shelves

Open Kitchen Shelving

If you’re looking to open up your kitchen a bit, try adding a splash of color to your shelves. This will instantly make them stand out, and it can help visually unify other items in your kitchen as well. Think about picking complementary colors; if you don’t have any complementary colors in your home, then think about using similar shades. For example, if one wall is blue and another is red, consider using yellow or orange shelving or cabinets; these shades would go great with either blue or red accents!

Remember, less is more

Open Kitchen Shelving

A minimalist kitchen design is all about letting go of clutter and emphasizing what’s truly essential. If you don’t already have a kitchen with open shelving, adding it to your space can open up a whole new world of possibilities. The advantages to an open-kitchen-shelving design are numerous: It allows you to see all of your stored items at once and keep track of what you need; it also frees up countertop space while allowing light and air into your kitchen.

Decorate with interesting objects

While open kitchen shelving might seem like an easy way to make a space look spacious, it can also leave you looking a little cluttered. If you’re interested in using open shelving to display your favorite accessories, items from your collection, or books. Just be sure not to overcrowd them—your shelves should only include up to about one-third of your available shelf space; use decorative objects sparingly, and let white (or neutral) walls and furniture serve as backdrops.

Add more light to your open kitchen shelving

Light can make or break your shelving situation. You want enough that it’s easy to see where everything is, but not so much that you feel bombarded. The same goes for color—you want enough of a color scheme to make everything cohesive, but you don’t want them standing out so much that they’re like a neon sign pointing at your cabinets. In short: find balance in what colors you use and how much light you let in.

Hide appliances you don’t use often

Open Kitchen Shelving

If you rarely use a certain appliance, like a blender or toaster oven, consider using open shelving to hide it. There’s no need to leave your refrigerator fully exposed; instead, store away appliances that aren’t in regular use in a kitchen cabinet. Also, keep them organized: place seldom-used equipment on lower shelves so that they don’t obstruct your view of well-used items.

Hang copper pots and pans overhead

Copper and copper-containing products are now frequently used in open shelving designs. Not only do they look really pretty, but copper is a naturally antimicrobial material, which means it helps to fight off nasty microorganisms that can make you sick. If your pans aren’t made from copper, however, don’t worry. All of them will still be protected by simply hanging them overhead.


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