Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas That You’ll Love

You’ve heard the term farmhouse kitchen thrown around before, but you aren’t quite sure what it means or what it looks like. Is it just a kitchen with wood cabinets and an old-fashioned stove? What do they actually have in common? Here are some things that all farmhouse kitchens have in common, along with some tips on how to achieve this look in your own home, no matter what type of home you have!

Facing Each Other

farmhouse kitchen

If you want your kitchen to be warm and welcoming, try facing two of your biggest pieces of furniture toward each other (as in many traditional farmhouses). If you have more than one island, try having them face each other as well. This creates a cohesive space without compartmentalizing it too much. One exception is if you want to set up an eating area; then, keep tables and chairs facing away from where people cook so that meal prep isn’t in view at all times.

Open Shelving

farmhouse kitchen

One of my favorite farmhouse kitchen ideas is open shelving. By choosing to incorporate open shelving, you’re combining a decorative element with function, which makes it easy to make your kitchen beautiful without over-thinking things. Plus, it’s much easier to get a quick look at what you have on hand when there are no cabinets in between!

 Neutral Colours

farmhouse kitchen

We’re all for color in a kitchen, but if you want to add some patterns or bright colors, go for white walls and neutral tones. This way you won’t clash with your décor in a few years when your tastes change and will be able to switch up your look just by replacing pieces of furniture or crockery.

 Mixing Rustic Elements with Modern Design

farmhouse kitchen

When it comes to incorporating farmhouse elements into your kitchen design, it’s not always necessary to go full-on farmhouse. Some modern designs include plenty of rustic details, including concrete countertops and wooden cabinets. To get these elements right, focus on choosing durable materials that can stand up to constant use in a busy kitchen setting. Also, be sure to add in some more modern touches. Such as stainless steel appliances and under-cabinet lighting, to create a cohesive look.

Large Arched Windows

farmhouse kitchen

Big windows are a must in farmhouse kitchens. They allow ample light and air to enter, while also offering charming views of a garden or pasture. To further emphasize your windows’ architectural features, try topping them with arched molding (you can find ready-made versions at most home stores). This gives your kitchen an old-world feel and will draw attention to your gorgeous view.

 Recessed Ceilings

One of our favorite features in farmhouse kitchens is recessed lighting, which really brings out details and makes a room feel warm and cozy. It’s an easy way to provide ambient light without detracting from other features or fixtures. For example, try placing your recessed lights around your cooktop or under window sills to make these areas feel more prominent.

 Pendant Lights Over Islands

If you’re in search of farmhouse kitchen ideas, you might want to take a look at how pendant lights can be used. Pendant lights are traditionally over island tables, but they can also hang over a workspace. If your kitchen is mostly open and doesn’t have many dividing walls, using pendants will help unify everything into one large space.

Smooth, Grained Wood Cabinets

farmhouse kitchen

More often than not, you’ll find that a farmhouse kitchen is outfitted with smooth, grained wood cabinets. If you have your heart set on installing these in your own home, however, you’ll want to be sure that they aren’t simply painted wood. It is important to note whether or not they are actually stained for an authentic look.

Vintage Appliances from Thrift Stores

Many farmhouse kitchen ideas take advantage of thrift stores and their amazing supply of antique and vintage appliances. If you have an eye for industrial pieces that scream farmhouse (and some extra cash to spend), you can create a truly unique space with these time-worn pieces. Beyond offering a warm, rustic aesthetic, they also bring character and a sense of history to your kitchen design.

Fresh Flowers in Mason Jars

farmhouse kitchen

If you have an old mason jar lying around, fill it with a fresh bouquet of flowers and place it in your kitchen. It will add a pop of color while still serving its original purpose. Not only is that but having fresh flowers on hand always nice when friends come over to visit.


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